Xfactor star reveals how super fan offered him £2.5m to sleep with him - Olofofo Voice | Top Naija 24/7 Gossip Hub

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Xfactor star reveals how super fan offered him £2.5m to sleep with him

Wednesday, December 30, 2020
Xfactor dance star, Jake Quickenden has revealed he's been offered £2.5m for sex with a rich 'super-fan', who said he can even bring his fiancee along.  Jake, 32, shared screenshots of the chat he had with the fan on instagram.  He admitted he was tempted by the offer and had to tell his pregnant girlfriend Sophie Church about the offer.  The X Factor star who stripped down to take part in this year's Real Full Monty on Ice, shared the cheeky messages where the fan promised to be "beyond discreet" and that he would be paid for "ten/15 mins work".  When offered the money, Jake responded: "I don't think me mrs would be happy like.  "Could do with 2 and a half mil though." The person then pushed on with their proposal and went on: "Up to you. It's yours for ten/15 mins work. I'll start to enquire the room if you give the go ahead".  He went on to ask the fan: "Can my mrs come with me". To which the fan replied: "Ha ha. Well if she's going to know about it it shouldn't be an issue!" At one point the fan said: "'If you want it done in ten minutes it's probably better I just s**k you off and go. It's the quickest option but I'm open to talk."  Jake then joked he'd think about the £2.5m offer and include a dance for an extra £500k. Just back in September, Jake announced he was expecting his first child with Sophie. They have been dating since 2018. The post Xfactor star reveals how super fan offered him 2.5m to sleep with him appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

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