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Arsenal legend Henry to get Entourage-style TV show

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Arsenal legend, Thierry Henry, is to be the focus of a new Entourage-style show about his glamorous life in football.

The ex-Gunner is working with the creator of the original hit Hollywood series Doug Ellin to make a similar show about the world of football.

Doug said the show will be inspired by Henry’s life – just like Entourage was based on the life of actor Mark Wahlberg.

The HBO show was based on Mark’s experiences as a young actor in Hollywood and the wild parties and excesses of the LA scene.

“Thierry Henry was in the Entourage movie so I’ve known him a long time. And Darren Dein, who is his long-time manager, is a good friend of mine.

“It’s the friendships, the family dynamic, all that stuff behind the scenes.

“It’s inspired by Thierry’s life, similar to how Entourage was inspired by Mark Wahlberg.

“We’ve just finished the script.

“The world is closed down, and my opening scene takes place at a full Wembley stadium. But we can do that with cardboard cutouts and CGI.

“Thierry will consult as well as his manager to help us to make it as authentic as possible.”

The Hollywood producer shared the story of his success with new men’s lifestyle site Mr Feelgood, which features inspirational stories, wisdom and pragmatic health advice alongside style tips and celebrity interviews.

He revealed how he never liked the idea for Entourage but was coaxed into doing it by his manager.

“A friend of mine told me I should try the TV business, which I’d never done anything in. I said, ‘ How do you get into that?’

“He said write a spec script for a show I loved. So I wrote a Curb Your Enthusiasm spec script, which means I just wrote something that interested me.

“And my manager, who is Mark Wahlberg’s manager, liked that script and said, ‘We’re kicking around this idea about Mark and his friends.’ And that’s where that started.”

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He added: “I actually hated the idea for Entourage. And my manager just said, ‘You’ll figure it out.’ So I went and thought about it, and then spent about 18 to 24 months getting the script into a place where HBO finally said: ‘OK.’

“The thing that didn’t work for me, which is why I think the show worked, is the idea of an ‘entourage’ is not really my thing.

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