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State of the Nation Patriotism Over Greed - Aduloju Gbenga David

Sunday, April 05, 2020

As Written By - Aduloju Gbenga David 

Most times, I reminisce on the actions we play out some times and its resultant implications on the sociopolitical identity of the nation.

The irony of our underdevelopment is not fully entrenched on the mishaps of our leaders but the masses..

From my holistic view, i see an act of hypocrisy and non- challance amongst ourselves as we tend to exploit ourselves during turbulent times. For example, when the oil price was reduced from N145 to N125, that was when the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) in Ado-Ekiti decided to inflate the commuting price from 2500-6000(Ado-lagos)

Recently, Mr President gave lockdown orders in Lagos,Abuja and Ogun state for safety measures against COVID-19 pandemic..How interesting is it to know that parties are still being organized in full fledge in these areas, thwarting the principle of rule of law..On the other hand, the price of goods e.g pepper, vegetable, oil etc is now on the high side, apportioning unrestricted blame on the government for making a preventive policy..What a nation.

Just yesterday,I heard the sale of recharge card has added a #10 upfront to it and I asked why? I was told that our communication network providers are broke?

This is sardonic as research have shown that during this corona season, the purchase of recharge cards for subscription and calls have moved up from how it use to be as people are yearning for information online regarding the coronavirus pandemic as well as keeping themselves busy since there's nowhere to go. So how d hell did they go broke?

Meanwhile, Fake news is now the order of the day..As a matter of fact, i label the mass media as the 37th state in Nigeria because its administrative cum compelling effect on people is overwhelming.If u understand the agenda setting thesis, you'll not downplay the role of the media in all these conspiracies that have surfaced online. According to agenda setting theorist, they made us understand that its the media that decides what we think about. Hence, what its been shown to you sometimes is practically what they want to you to reminisce upon.

Buhari this,government that,Fayemi this,Sanwo-olu that..

MInd you ,it is to be noted that no country,I repeat no country have given any of their citizen monetary compensation..They only made a proposal but no execution yet. As so many people are chastising the Nigerian Government for not distributing N10,000 each to the masses stating that other countries are doing it...lies upon lies..

Finally, we want to be like them and we don't want to act like them. Let's be frank,aside the civil servants whose tax are automatically deducted from their salaries, how many Nigerians are committed to tax paying..Frankly speaking,88% of Nigerians are not loyal to tax paying. Meanwhile,over there,tax is being paid for almost every private items bought and sold..

There are so many idiosyncrasies attached to the development of the western worlds which we as Africans,have not and I dont think we can subscribe to..

I'm not a party partisan or a Buhari fan,I'm a realist and with my hypothesis, I have seen the nefarious and sinister ploy among Africans towards destruction without government intervention, and this has further detrimented our development process. I am not undermining the laxity and incompetence of the government, i am just revealing the narcissist nature of the Nigerian majority. When the ruling party said change,we expected magic, not change..Like they said,Change begins with you. It begins with placing Patriotism above greed.

I'm going end my little expression with the indelible remark of my esteem Professor, who said and I quote: *"Nigeria will be great again if the power of love overrides the love for power"*. This ain't just a verse for the leaders,but also for the teeming populace..

I drop my pen for now.

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